Terms Of Use & Privacy Information

Terms of operation and use

Kapsiohas S.A., the exclusive licensee of KAPARENT in Greece – was founded and is operating according to the Greek Law, located in the 3th klm. of Arta - Ioannina, 47100 Ioannina - is the administrator of the website www.kaparent.gr.

This website has been created in order to offer services on long-term and short-term car rentals.

Every user can receive information concerning these services as well as the prices and their terms. (Rates are valid only for reservations through this website)


Pages, screens as well as any kind of information and matters presented in this website – including their layout – are copyright and ownership of Kapsiohas S.A. Any copy, alteration, change, publication, broadcast, distribution, sale, or file matter convection or unstrained code is prohibited without written permission from Kapsiohas S.A. Thus, all contents can be printed for user’s personal, non-commercial use. Greek laws hold and construe the use of this website, which is regulated through Greek Courts (Arta)

Accurate and full information – Responsibility Restrictions

Kapsiohas S.A. makes every effort to provide accurate and updated information through the website. Thus, Kapsiohas S.A. does not guarantee the accuracy, adequacy or complement of information and material and strictly disclaims any responsibility concerning errors or omissions of the information and data provided.

Kapsiohas S.A. has no responsibility for error or omission or inaccuracy in information and/or command transition from the website’s visitor/user, interruptions, false impersonation, rule breaks, wrong notification or message transmission or non-operation of the system due to force majeure for any other reason that does not occur in violation of the above mentioned terms arising from Kapsiohas S.A. or their employees.

Kapsiohas S.A. has no responsibility for any damage that might occur in the user’s hardware or software as a result of this website’s use or its connection with other internet websites or internet sources.

Kapsiohas S.A. has the right to modify information or matters contained in this website, without any further notice.

Personal Facts Security

For efficient fulfillment of some services, it is necessary for the visitors/ users to give all necessary data which are characterized as “personal nature data”.

The administration and preservation of user’s personal nature data is held by this as well as all relevant dispositions of Greek Justice (N 2472/1997, N 2779/99, P.D 79/2000 and par. 8 N 2819/2000), of Personal Information Protection law and of European Justice (95/46/EK and 97/66/EK).

Under no circumstances, Kapsiohas S.A. does reveal, sell, exchange, assign, hire or carry in any way to other juristic or natural persons confidential information (if Police and Law requires that, an exception is applicable).

Note: Submission of personal data regarding users under 18 Years old, is not allowed.

Conditions regulation of Personal Data use

Kapsiohas S.A. is allowed to archive over mentioned data for the time the user is an active member. All users have the right to change or delete their personal data and can claim their objection to any kind of data process related to them through website communication. Kapsiohas S.A. will make all efforts to delete this information from its files.

Kapsiohas S.A. is not obliged to follow and control all data entered by users and is not responsible for anything related to that.

Hyperlinks to other pages

This webpage contains hyperlinks to other websites, operated by other administrators that are not under Kapsiohas’s control. These websites have their own confidential terms, for this reason the user has to check them before using it. Kapsiohas is in no way responsible for those website’s methods and rules of confidence as well as their contents, so the user can use them only on his own responsibility.


By each internet use, cookies i.e. small sized programs can be saved on user’s local disk. These programs do not allow Kapsiohas S.A. to view user’s personal PC data and are not use for personal data’s collection.

Most internet browsers give the option to delete those files before they can be saved on local PC’s disk.


By filling the relevant reservation form through the website and after this procedure fulfillment, the user gives Kapsiohas S.A. the strict command to offer car rental services. This reservation command bounds the user in any case.

Reservation Confirmation

In case of reservation through the website, the user will receive from Kapsiohas S.A. a written confirmation per e-mail within 3 days. The user has to check that all confirmation data is correct. In case a time-expired false and deflection is stated, no back-out will be accepted.

Payment Methods

Through Credit Card

The user can pay through his credit card. The Credit Card will be charged after all data is checked and qualified as valid. The user is the only responsible for the correct record of the credit card’s data.

Through Bank Transfer

The user can deposit the money in one of Kapsiohas’s Bank accounts that are announced to him after his request.


The user can pay the whole rental amount in cash.

Note: In case the user decides to pay cash or per bank transfer, a personal credit card is required for guarantee (e.g. fuel cost, car damage etc)


In case of a cancellation of a reservation made through our website, during the period of 15 days before the rental starting date, Kapsiohas S.A. has the right to charge a fee of 10,00€ with VAT per reservation. (Cancellation fee will apply to reservations with pick up dates less than 15 days too). Cancellations have to be sent in writing to: Kapsiohas S.A., 3th klm. of Arta - Ioannina, 47100 Ioannina, or by fax: +30-26810 51548 or by email: sales@kaparent.gr


In case the user fails to collect the vehicle on the rental start date and time without any written or telephone conversation, Kapsiohas S.A. will cancel the reservation after 3 hours. Kapsiohas S.A. reserve the right to charge the user a one day rental of the car group reserved.

Reservation Rejection

Kapsiohas S.A. retains the right to reject a user’s commands, in case the latter breaks the website’s terms of operation.

General Arrangements

Using this website means total acceptance of all above mentioned terms. The renter acknowledges and accepts in full that all services through this website may be affected or interrupted temporarily due to web problems

Deal Security

Eurobank EFG has undertaken the process of clearing your transaction ensuring your complete safety. By entering the details of your card, you give the command and authorization to charge the amount of your order. The charge will be made after the processing of the order of Eurobank, and the amount of debt will be paid to the rental value of the car mentioned at the time of booking. If for any reason on our own responsibility, Kapsiochas SA cannot accept the reservation, then the amount will be returned to the same card that was used. If the user on his own responsibility cancels the booking, then from the refund will be deducted a cancelling fee that referred to above.

The credit card details passed to a secure page of the Bank. Eurobank as a security certificate is using the encryption technology SSL (Secure Socket Layer) 128bit. SSL is a global Internet standard and offers 128bit encrypted SSL communication.

For the recognition of an encrypted transaction SSL you will observe in the browser a small yellow padlock and afterwards you will be transferred to a https:// page.Via SSL encryption your computer sends the request to the Bank server.The server sends back to your computer the security certificate along with the confirmation of your visit in the right page and your public key.Afterwards, your computer uses the public key to encrypt confidential information (i.e. the card number) and dispatches them to the server that uses the private key in order to decrypt them.